Located in the Okanagan valley in Peachland, British Columbia, Canada, we are the newest chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada – we were formed September 26 2020.

The members gather at the A&W every Tuesday night at 6:00 PM to share our hobby and support one another in our interests. We enjoy looking at all types of vehicles and learning about the owners and their wheels. This group welcomes all vehicle types, original or modified cars, trucks or motorcycles and everyone who likes to tinker with, modify and shine whatever they drive. 

Get in touch with us

Gordon Anderson – President – 250-870-6891

Cors Verhage – Vice-President – 250-869-2426

Cherie Anderson – Secretary/Treasurer – 250-870-6890

Cors Verhage – Governor – 250-869-2426

Jerome Hauck – Director – 250-801-0790

Bob Kelly – Director

Grant Topham – Director – 250-767-2838

Rick Stewart – Director

Blair Kennedy – Director – 250-718-1904

Fred Stephens – Director

Alison Csanyi – Director