The May Tour committee has, once again, decided to reschedule the (2020) 2021 May Tour to mid 2022 because of the continuing Covid 19 pandemic.  We sincerely hope that by mid 2022 enough people will have been vaccinated to make holding the May Tour events a safe endeavour for all involved.

If you have prepaid some or all your registration, you can leave it with us and thus reserve your spot in the 2022 Tour or request a full refund.

We appreciate the support you have given us since we started planning the Tour in 2019 for a May 2020 extravaganza and anticipate your continued support as we navigate these unusual times on our way to a safe 2022 May Tour.  We also appreciate the cooperation shown by the National President and the Powell River and Island Chapters in allowing us to make this adjustment to our May Tour.

Del Holbrook

Chair 2021 May Tour


For refunds please contact

  Angela Holbrook – 604 944 4800 –